Welcome to LatterDayOrthodoxy.org

Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020

Welcome to LatterDayOrthodoxy.org, the official home of the Latter-day Saint Radical Orthodoxy Manifesto.

The manifesto is the culmination of many months of effort, collaboration, and feedback.

The website, like the project itself, is simple– and we aim to keep it that way. This is not a new publishing venture. It’s not a foundation. It’s not a nonprofit organization or a business. We are not launching a journal. We are not trying to create a new internet destination for Latter-day Saints, or produce regular new content meant to drive readership or website statistics. Nobody gets paid to produce content or handle technical support.

The homepage features the manifesto itself and there is a separate page listing the names of those who have signed the manifesto. Other than a page for periodic announcements, we do not have a blog. The articles page features links to articles and blog posts elsewhere on the internet with content related to radical orthodoxy.

Despite having no grand organizational designs, we do hope that the manifesto will be influential and widely read and shared. We hope that it will influence the way that members of the Church think about their beliefs. And we hope that it will encourage faith in Jesus Christ and the Restored Gospel, and loyalty to His Church and to His authorized servants.